The Story

What is Farmer’s Keep?

Planted in the heart of the Philadelphia Business District, Farmer’s Keep is a fast, casual restaurant, with a primary goal of making people happy and healthy. With a farm-meets-city philosophy, we promote the importance of local, all natural, organic and sustainable ingredients, giving our guests a break from the processed fast food they normally encounter in the city. With a focus on serving healthy, creative cuisine catering to all diets, all of the food you dig into here is Gluten-Free, Dairy Free, Egg Free, Nut Free, and Shellfish-Free, touching on the six largest food allergies in the world. 

Food is only a piece of what we do though. Aiming to provide an all-inclusive experience to our guests, we provide an array of activities, such as Yoga, Pilates, Biking and Running clubs, and other holistic exercise activities, all to strengthen our guests’ body. We will educate the mind of our guests through cooking classes and educational vendors. We even have a nutritionist on staff to help you achieve your overall lifestyle goals.

So whether you’re looking to grab a quick, delicious meal on the run or indulge in some healthy eating with the family, stop in to nourish yourself with a true rural experience at Farmer’s Keep.



The Experience

Here at Farmer’s Keep we do things a little differently. We rotate our offerings daily, creating a selection of Food and Beverage that utilize only the freshest ingredients possible. So make sure you check back often to see what we have!


Our menu is designed utilizing only the highest quality ingredients on the farm that day. For you, that means you will only be served proteins, produce, and composed salads that are in season and in flavor.


Why not have something delicious AND healthy to accompany your meal? Be it a fresh pressed juice combination or a locally made Kombucha, Farmer’s Keep has you covered.


Join us at our rooftop bar and garden, where every drink is an experience. Not only do we offer craft brews and organic wines, but using artisanal spirits and a unique combination of fresh pressed veggies, fruits, and herbs, we create one of a kind cocktails for our guests to enjoy.


Just like everything we do, our catering selection is based on the freshest, most in-season ingredients. But most of all, it’s centered on making YOU happy. So if you’re interested in catering, contact a manager and we’ll custom build a menu to fit what you’re looking for.



3 Simple Steps

1.) Pick n’ Choose

Service is market style where you pick through an assortment of proteins, produce, and composed salads and then mix n match.  

2.) Check Out

Your plate is weighed and charged by the pound.

3.) Dig In

Enjoy the freshest flavors Philly has to offer.


The Menu

The Movement

Currently, cities across the nation are experiencing the movement of urban farming-the teaching and practices of a sustainable lifestyle within urban communities. Farmer’s Keep utilizes this in the preparation and cultivation of our foods. 

Green Roofing and Rooftop Gardening

There’s gardeningalways room for life to grow.  Not only does green-roofing look aesthetically beautiful, but it has a huge environmental impact, including improving air quality, reducing electromagnetic radiation, and managing waste diversion. And anyone can create their own rooftop garden with the same effects. Start today with just a few simple tools; a planter, an assortment of seeds, and a trowel.  In a few short weeks, you can enjoy these benefits right on your own rooftop!




Solar Energy



Generated by the sun, solar power is a truly sustainable and clean method of energy. Panels can be placed on rooftops, walls, or anywhere the sun shines, and the energy they collect can be converted into electricity or other forms of power.




Rain Barrels

rain barrels


Rain barrels are storage containers used for collecting rainwater.  The rainwater then can be used for other purposes such as gardening, irrigation, and even washing off your car. All while reducing the impact of sewer backup and helping the environment.







Aquaponics is the combination of raising aquatic animals while cultivating plants in the same water.  The animals feed off the plants and environment while fertilizing their own ecosystem.  This creates a symbiotic way of life.

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